Are you looking for an innovative partner to help you think critically? We invite you partner with ForgeWorks, an innovative consultancy, which exists to spark organizational growth using field-tested tools and clear processes, led by experienced and passionate leaders.


Garden Spot Communities established ForgeWorks in November 2017 as a way to share our experience in innovation and organizational growth with an open hand. We view our work through a mindset of abundance, which means we share our successes and failures so that others can learn and grow from our experience. ForgeWorks creates the framework for effectively sharing these successes and failures.


All of the work, tools and processes of ForgeWorks are centered around a core belief that regular, thoughtful and balanced focus in three core areas will produce healthy organizations. These core areas include: education and common understanding, cultural discovery and alignment, organizational growth and innovation.


We recognize that every organization is different so we offer customized tools and programs that fit your unique situation. We commit to finding process and approaches that provide lasting benefit. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to fix your unique problem. We commit to listening to you to help you find the best way forward. And we commit to creating a relationship that will last.


We offer programs for board and staff development retreats as well as executive coaching, organizational strategy development and more. In addition, through the ForgeWorks website, we offer regular blog posts for inspiration as well as additional tools and resources shared at conferences.

Join Us

If you are looking for a partner to help you move your organization forward or additional tools to help your team learn how to work together better, we invite you to contact us at 717.351.2500.

Discover the abundant opportunities you have to live with purpose in community at ForgeWorks.