New Partnership Between Non-Profits Aims to be the Catalyst for a New Vision of Aging

LANCASTER, Pa. – A group of six senior living organizations recently announced the formation of The Colligo Group. A Latin word, colligo means to gather, bring together, collect, to harvest, unify, unite. This name represents the desire of the partners of The Colligo Group to work together while maintaining autonomy and unique missions.

A partnership between Cornwall Manor, Fairmount Homes, Garden Spot Communities, Moravian Manor Communities, The Highlands at Wyomissing and Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, The Colligo Group’s vision is to be recognized as the catalyst for a new vision of aging.

The CEOs and leadership teams of each partner of The Colligo Group will work together to make a significant impact on the senior living industry. At the outset, The Colligo Group will challenge issues related to workforce, such as employee recruiting and sourcing, time-saving applied technology and new compensation approaches. Additionally, they plan to innovate solutions to technology needs, and increase their networking and knowledge-sharing capabilities.

ForgeWorks, a Lancaster-based consulting firm, will serve as the managing organization and Steve Jeffrey, ForgeWorks Co-Founder, will serve as president of The Colligo Group. Lois Dostalik, Transformational Architect, will lead the NextGen efforts to find new solutions to pressings needs. Scott Miller and Ric Myers will add a focus on culture, customer experience and sales and marketing. Allison Cuthie, ForgeWorks Waymaker, will provide leadership and support for partner communications, process development and tools needed for the success of the partners. To round out the leadership team, Holly Rosini has been engaged to offer her expertise to create collaborative learning teams, and research solutions to implement multiple operational initiatives.

“This is truly a new approach, a new way to grow and flourish. The partners truly desire to create an authentic, partner-centered learning community, committed to taking on some of the significant challenges of our industry,” adds Jeffrey.
“Now more than ever, it is important for leaders in our industry to engage, share learnings and work together in the best interest of the amazing communities of senior adults we serve,” said Kevin DeAcosta, president and CEO of The Highlands at Wyomissing. “In part through The Colligo Group and the collaborative environment it will foster, our partners will remain committed to setting the standard of excellence in retirement living and to further enhancing our offerings for current and future generations.”

Jerry Lile, president and CEO of Fairmount adds, “I am excited to partner with other senior living communities, while still operating independently as the same mission-driven organization Fairmount has always been. I look forward to working collaboratively in benefiting from potential cost savings, shared group experiences and best practices, and unique innovative opportunities.”

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