It is not a stretch to say that Garden Spot Village is the best employer I’ve ever had! Both residents and staff are so kind and I feel safe working here. Great benefits and staff appreciation events. The food is wonderful and Starbucks drinks are served, which is a fun perk if you love coffee as much as I do. I started as a Barista in Central Kitchen, moved into Volunteer Services managing schedules and events, and became a Buyer and Visual Merchandiser for the gift shop. I am now in Marketing as the Design Specialist, helping new and existing residents select finishes for their next homes — and I love it! Having gone to school for Interior Design, I am grateful to work for a company that is open to professional growth and focused on unique skills and passions.

— Amanda Feeg, Design Specialist since August 2017

I started as a server in high school. I knew I always wanted to get better at cooking. When I talked with my managers about it they gave me the opportunity to grow in the kitchen and every day I continue to grow with food preparation. Working in an environment that values me and my growth is what makes working here so great!

— Dakota Varner, Cook since March 2018

Megan started her journey at Frederick Living, in 2007 as a receptionist and now the Healthcare Admissions Coordinator thanks to dedication and growth. Discovering her role serendipitously, Megan quickly became a beloved part of our community, falling in love with our culture and residents within her first six months. Her transition from receptionist to move-in coordinator, and now to her current role highlights her adaptability and deep commitment to our residents’ well-being. Megan’s passion for right placing residents and ensuring they receive appropriate care epitomizes the heart and soul of Frederick Living, making her an invaluable asset.

— Megan Grebe, Healthcare Admissions Coordinator since November 2007

Walking into Garden Spot Communities, you’re immediately embraced by its vibrant culture. The set schedule and central location offer unparalleled stability, fostering a rare work-life balance in our field. The systems set up across the department ensure a stress-free environment, allowing us to focus on innovation and service excellence. Working in such a supportive and efficient setting is a privilege, where employee well-being and organizational success go hand in hand.

— Preston Hannah, I.T. Systems Administrator since May 2023

I love coming into Frederick Living every day. I feel as though I can make a positive difference by spreading joy in the lives of the residents. I also love the community and the team members I work with and the relationships I’ve built over my tenure here.

— Cory Shevlin, Lead Cashier since October 2015

Working as a CNA in skilled nursing, I’ve found immense joy in long-term care. Each day offers a new opportunity to deepen my relationships with our residents, providing care that goes beyond just medical needs. It’s about creating moments of connection and understanding, which is incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, the bonds I’ve formed with my team members are invaluable. We share a camaraderie that transcends the workplace, supporting each other through every challenge and celebrating our victories together. This sense of community and purpose makes every day rewarding and affirms my passion for this field.

— Glendalee Ortiz, CNA since May 2022

Working as a groundskeeper on this beautiful campus is incredibly rewarding. Being outside, tending to the natural beauty surrounding us, and collaborating with a fantastic team make each day enjoyable. What truly stands out is the appreciation we receive from people on campus. Their kind words about our work not only uplift our spirits but also reinforce the pride and dedication we put into maintaining this serene and welcoming environment.

— Gary McVaugh, Groundskeeper since February 2022

Being an LPN at Maple Farm is incredibly rewarding. The small, close-knit team here feels like family and the relationships I’ve built with our long-term care residents are truly special. Every day, I’m greeted with smiles and stories, making my job not just a duty but a joy. It’s a privilege to care for such wonderful individuals and work alongside a team that shares the same passion for making a positive impact in our residents’ lives.

— Ghilslaine Kundo, LPN since Jun 2016

I feel at home at Maple Farm it embodies my care philosophy. As the Nursing Home Administrator, the opportunity to be present with our 46 residents, their families, and our dedicated team is invaluable. This close-knit community allows me to personally impact each life, ensuring that every decision reflects our collective priority: the well-being of our residents. Our team’s genuine commitment to putting residents first transforms Maple Farm into a haven of care and compassion.

— Christie Kennedy, Nursing Home Administrator at Maple Farm since March 2023

Serving as a Chaplain at Meadow View Memory Care is a profound honor. Each day, I have the privilege to spread the word of the Lord among our residents through devotions and song, enriching their lives with spiritual nourishment and comfort. Witnessing the joy and peace that this brings to those in our care is truly heartwarming. It’s more than a job; it’s a calling to serve and support our community in their daily lives, offering solace and companionship. The opportunity to touch hearts and reinforce faith in such a meaningful setting is a blessing I cherish.

— Mark Hickson, Chaplin at Meadow View since February 2017