Garden Spot Communities presents: Retire with Purpose. In this podcast, co-hosts Scott Miller and Juanita Fox explore what it means to retire with purpose, to make a difference, to invest in your family and your community, to live to your full potential and explore abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.

Podcast Episodes

About The Hosts

Scott Miller, chief marketing officer for Garden Spot Communities, has more than 30 years of marketing experience. Scott oversees all of the marketing efforts and creates innovative approaches for Garden Spot Communities such as an annual half marathon, hot air balloon campaign, Destination Garden Spot Village (a bi-annual, promotional magazine), and the Retired with Purpose podcast.
Juanita Fox, director of media experiences and storytelling, has more than 20 years of experience in writing and corporate communications. She shares the stories of the people who live and work at Garden Spot through magazine and blog stories, video interviews and now podcasting through the Retired with Purpose podcast.

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Listen to the Retire with Purpose podcast to learn how you can enter to win a hot air balloon ride for two. We will be drawing one winner on June 30, 2020, who will receive this amazing experience!

Podcast Resources

Ep #1: Art Petrosemolo - Retirement Is More Than Just Endless Games of Golf
Ep #3a: Steve Lindsey - Maslow Is More Than Self-Actualization
Ep #3b: Steve Lindsey - Living Well in Retirement Includes More Than Self-Actualization
Ep #4: Ruth Dunlap - Co-Living Works for More Than Millenials
Ep #5: Sally Mittelstadt - Traveling in Retirement Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
Ep #6: Bob Winegardner - Don't Wait to Move to a Retirement Community

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