Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a gratuity that makes you stand out against your competition. You can write a thank you note on a pretty card or a thoughtfully-crafted email.

Choose your format. The first option is a traditional card. Cards are visually appealing and are often recognized as the extra effort put in by the sender when crafting a thank you note. A standard email is the most popular way to send a thank you note, but to leave a deeper impact a hand written card will stand out.

Make them different. Make your thank you note stand out. Get creative with the format, and make time to write a thank you note that seems sincere and thought-out.

Reference something they said at the interview. You can either do this in writing or by making your card themed around something you talked about, such as their favorite sports team or musical artist.

Keep it brief. While you’re writing a personalized card make sure that it is short and sweet. Keep paragraphs around 2-3 sentences in length.

Did you have an interview with Garden Spot Communities and would like to thank the hiring manager? Send an eCard with a message.

Thank You Card Templates

Below are Thank You Card templates for you to utilize.