Healthcare Unveiled: A Pawsitively Delightful Duo

October 4, 2023

Magnolia may still be a puppy, but when she walks in the door at Garden Spot Village, she’s in professional mode,” says April Valentin, a skilled nursing licensed practical nurse (LPN).

April, who works dayshift in the Fallcrest skilled nursing household at Garden Spot Village, brings Magnolia, a dalmatian puppy, to work with her regularly. When April arrives with her, Magnolia’s presence sparks a new level of joy.

“Residents don’t often get a lot of exposure to animals, especially dogs. Many of them have had dogs throughout their lifetime and miss that interaction. They welcome Magnolia and look forward to seeing her,” April says.

“She always gets a lot of treats, and families appreciate her visits as well,” she continues.

April and Magnolia also visit DayBreak weekly.

“Magnolia has quickly stolen the hearts of DayBreak participants,” says Sarah Lowery, director of DayBreak. “It is simply incredible to watch the joy spread through each person when April and Magnolia walk into the room.”

She continues, “Magnolia has such a sweet, calm nature and participants love to interact with her and watch the many tricks she can do. April is such a warm and compassionate person, so together they make the perfect duo.”

April graduated as an LPN in the fall of 2019 and started working at Garden Spot Village that November. She was introduced to Garden Spot by her husband, Jose, who used to work in dietary. April started as a float nurse, which exposed her to all aspects of care in each of the four households in Garden View Skilled Nursing. When a full-time dayshift position became available in Fallcrest, she applied and was hired.

“The level of organization and the homelike environment at Garden Spot Village are great. In addition, the relationships we are able to build with the residents and their families are unique. I’ve appreciated the consistent staffing and continuity of care we can offer to residents,” April says.

Consistent staffing and continuity of care allows Garden Spot to host events and gatherings for residents and families. April appreciates the opportunity to occasionally include her son in her workday. Antonio is also building relationships with residents. “Where else can you do that?” she exclaims. “Garden Spot has been so caring toward team members,” April says.

“During the early days of the pandemic, when my son’s school was closed, Garden Spot provided childcare, and team members helped him with his online assignments. You’re not going to find that anywhere else. The level of support we have here is amazing.”

Garden Spot’s support of team members overflows into the care provided residents, allowing opportunities for both April and Magnolia to spread joy when they walk into a room. 

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