Staff Spotlight: Andy Brightman

April 3, 2024

Written by Yana Alderfer

Garden Spot Village isn’t just a community where people live. It’s also a community where people work! Whether they are a new employee or an employee that has been working here for a year or more, everyone is appreciated and acknowledged for who they are. Team members have flexibility to show their skills and creativity through their different roles. Employees also have the opportunity to learn a lot within their current department or by working for two different departments. 

That’s the case for Andy Brightman. Residents at Garden Spot Village were used to seeing Andy around as his father is the director of facility services at Maple Farm. He also lives nearby in New Holland. In November 2015, while still in high school, Andy started working at Garden Spot Village in Central Kitchen as a dining server and dietary aide. Eventually, because he was interested in developing his career and options at Garden Spot, he added a role in maintenance. For a while he worked full-time between the departments. 

Today, Brightman works for the maintenance department full-time and is working towards a certification as a Master Samurai Technician. This online training will allow him to better serve residents and minimize emergency calls to outside technicians. He says, “I get a lot of calls saying, ‘My washing machine won’t spin,’ ‘I don’t know how to use the dishwasher’ or ‘My refrigerator is frosted up.’”

Andy says that all types of calls he gets make the days he works fun. But it’s not just the residents or calls that help make his days easier and fun, it’s also his fellow employees. He not only connects with his team inside the community, but outside the community as well as they go bowling or enjoy dining at Texas Roadhouse. 

Working at Garden Spot Village is filled with funny, kind, and interesting experiences. Those experiences are what makes this community the best place to work. Employees here are surrounded by kindness and fun and working here helps a person grow personally and intellectually.

Interested in joining the Garden Spot team? Explore job opportunities at Garden Spot Village, Maple Farm and Frederick Living.

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